AlertSquad Security Fob + 1 year Pro Monitoring

AlertSquad Security Fob + 1 year Pro Monitoring

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AlertSquad is a mobile app, used with this companion bluetooth key fob, designed to provide a rapid emergency response, in situations where you may be unable to call for help yourself. When you’re faced with an emergency, simply press your key fob twice, and AlertSquad begins recording all audio of the encounter and alerts your hand selected squad that you are in a dangerous situation, along with your location. Hold the fob for three seconds, and AlertSquad remotely and silently initiates a call to 911 emergency responders, notifying them of your need for help, along with your location and personal information that you have entered into the app. Our storage methods are 100% HIPAA compliant. The only people with access to view or edit this information is you, and the police when the information is batched and delivered to the responders.

$60 w/1 year Basic Monitoring
$125 w/1 year Pro Monitoring
Corporate plans available. 

Install the App

Build your profile with personal information:

Name and appearance

            Any allergies or medical conditions such as PTSD, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, etc.

            Your five squad members (police, parents, spouse, employer, roommate, siblings, etc)

Connect your AlertSquad Bluetooth fob with the provided in-app guide

You are ready to go!

Pro Version:
Everything above
Add in your calendar
Add in your appointments

Alert your Squad of your emergency
Record audio of the situation on your phone
Initiate 911 call

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Connect your AlertSquad fob to the AlertSquad App and enter your data.

Connects to your device via Bluetooth Low-Energy

Battery life up to 24 months.

Works up to 150 feet away from your device

Compatible with: Android 7 available in Google App Store and iOS 11 in the App Store.